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The Original Scriptural Thinking Christian Affirmations Package

Digital Download Only: PDF’s and MP3 audio files.

The original and still the best Christian affirmations package features over 200 minutes of audio (MP3) affirmations, a 110-page PDF ebook containing 1120 Biblical affirmations, Bible verses for every set of affirmations for Bible study and sermon resources, and 14 bonus ebooks.

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In Christ Jesus: Bible Verse Word Search Puzzle Book

This book is only available at Amazon.

This Bible word search puzzle book is designed for a mixture of fun and Bible Study. Based on the King James version every set of puzzles begin with a page that explores the meanings of certain words in scriptures.

The entire book of puzzles is based around the theme ‘In Christ Jesus’. So, while having fun and exercising your brain searching for words and phrases you will also be reinforcing all the benefits of being in Christ. There is 122 word search puzzles and 61 pages of inspirational word meanings.

Bible Verse Word Search Puzzles – Forgiveness & Mercy

This book is only available at Amazon.

This book is designed for serious fun!The fun part is the Bible verse word search puzzles. These puzzles contain the entire verse of scriptures used with individual words or a combination thereof.

The serious part is every set of puzzles begin with a small Bible study page which reveals why those scriptures were used to cover that topic.

The Big Book of Christian Affirmations: Affirmations & Bible Study Notebook / Journal

This book is only available at Amazon.

This book has over 1120 positive Bible affirmations and is complete with verses for Bible Study for every set of affirmations.

Every affirmations page and Bible Study page is separated with a notebook / journal page so you can write down your own thoughts about each topic.

The affirmations are designed to help you call to remembrance all of the wonderful benefits of being in Christ and the marvelous privilege of being a child of God. 

Holy Ghost Bible Verses Notebook

This book is only available at Amazon.

The perfect notebook for Christians. 126 pages with full line width for taking notes. Every page is headlined with a KJV Bible verse about the Holy Spirit so you can be inspired by the scriptures while taking notes.

Designed to fit into your Bible case cover at 6 inches x 9 inches. Great gift idea for church goers and for anyone interested in Bible study or the Holy Ghost.

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