What Does The Lord Love?

What does the Lord love?

Let’s discover the things and people the Bible directly says… the Lord loves. In this article, you will see how he loves his people (Israel, Church) and why he loves them, you will see how God loves judgment (and not how you think), how he loves righteousness and the righteous, how he loves the stranger, …

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Follow After These Things and These Things Will Follow You

Follow After These Things

Welcome to another episode of scripturalthinking. in the following short 7.27 min video, I cover the topic of… Follow After These Things. Scene 1: In the first scene you will see that as children of God, we are to follow Jesus and we are also told to follow these things: Righteousness Faith Love Meekness Patience …

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The Miraculous Mighty Works Power Of God

What is the power of God?

There are two different Greek words for power in the New Testament. One of them means an authoritative power, the right, or jurisdiction over and I will cover that one in more detail in another article. The one we will look at in this article is from the Greek word – dynamis. This means a …

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What Does It Mean To Pray In Tongues?

How to talk to God

In this article, we are going to explore what it means to pray in tongues, explain what it is, look at what you are supposed to say when you pray, see how you can pray effectively, and answer the question should you pray in tongues? What Does The Bible Say About Praying In Tongues? The …

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