Who Was Methuselah in The Bible

Oldest man ever

Who was Methuselah in the Bible? How old was Methuselah? How did Methuselah Die? Who was Methuselah’s Father? What is Methuselah’s Name Meaning in the Original Hebrew? How do you pronounce Methuselah correctly? What Was the Significance Between Methuselah and The Flood of Noah?   Methuselah is famous for being the longest-living person in the …

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Affirmations of God – Discover Who God Says He Is

Affirmations of God

In this affirmations of God article, I want to explore the statements made by God Himself and who He declared Himself to be. Our finite human brains struggle to understand the very concept of God. How do you explain God? The all-powerful and loving creator who has always been and will always be, whose ways …

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Be Anxious For Nothing – How To Live Free of Worry!

Be anxious for nothing Paul writes in Phil 4:6 (inspired by the Holy Ghost, so it is a God-breathed exhortation). Paul just doesn’t throw that out there as a statement and leave us guessing about how to be anxious for nothing. Indeed, in that very same verse and the next two Bible verses, Paul explains …

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What Are Christian Affirmations?

Bible affirmations for Christians

Christian affirmations are encouraging and inspirational statements taken from the Bible to help motivate you and to remind you of who you are in Christ. Very similar to meditation, the affirmations help you to remember, study, ponder on and speak the word of God. I like to think of Christian affirmations (and certainly the ones …

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