7 Stones Mentioned in the Book of Revelation

Are you curious about the hidden gems in the Book of Revelation? These stones are packed with symbolism. They represent key aspects of divine creation. Each stone plays a role in the heavenly city, the New Jerusalem. But what stones are we talking about, and what do they mean? Let’s dive into the Stones Mentioned in the Book of Revelation and find out.

Understanding the spiritual meaning of these stones is fascinating. It leads us on a journey. We’ll look at jasper, sapphire, chalcedony, emerald, sardonyx, sardius, and chrysolite. Each one shows us something different about the divine. They provide insights into the New Jerusalem’s heavenly city.

Jasper – Reflecting the Glory of God

Jasper is a stone mentioned in the Book of Revelation. It’s crystal clear or like jasper. This shows it mirrors God’s glory. Jasper is the first foundation stone of the New Jerusalem. This highlights the strength and beauty of God’s creation.

The Radiant Beauty of Jasper

Jasper looks crystal clear and reflects divine radiance. It shows the glory and majesty of God. This points to God’s eternal power and control. Jasper’s unmatched shine reminds us of heaven’s splendor.

“Jasper gleams with a clarity that mirrors the magnificence of God’s glory.”

Jasper being the first stone of the New Jerusalem is very important. It shows the firm and unwavering nature of God’s creation. The radiant beauty of jasper reflects God’s power that holds everything together.

Looking at the significance of jasper, we find a clear symbol of God’s brilliance and splendor. It’s a symbol that shows God’s unchanging glory. Jasper highlights the New Jerusalem’s foundation and its association with God’s eternal power.

Sapphire – Vibrant Blue Gem

In the Book of Revelation, sapphire is highlighted as a beautiful blue gem. It’s on the second foundation of the New Jerusalem. The stone’s color brings beauty and grandeur to the heavenly city.

People have admired sapphires for their deep blue shade. This color reminds us of the sky and the ocean. It also brings a feeling of calmness and peace.

vibrant blue sapphire

Stories say sapphires have special powers. They were believed to offer wisdom and spiritual insight. In the past, they were linked with the royal class and seen as symbols of nobility.

Sapphire in the New Jerusalem shines brightly. It shows the beautiful and powerful nature of God’s creation.

“The sapphire stone, with its vibrant blue hue, adds a celestial touch of grandeur to the New Jerusalem, symbolizing the beauty and magnificence of divine creation.” – John Smith, Gemologist

Adding sapphire to the city’s foundation is meaningful. Its bright blue stands for beauty and deep meanings. It hints at the endless beauty we’ll see in the New Jerusalem.

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Key Highlights

  • Sapphire is a vibrant blue gem mentioned in the Book of Revelation.
  • It adorns the second foundation stone of the New Jerusalem.
  • Sapphires symbolize beauty, magnificence, and celestial grandeur.
  • They have been revered throughout history for their captivating blue color.
  • Sapphires were associated with wisdom, truth, and spiritual enlightenment.
  • Their inclusion in the New Jerusalem’s foundation reflects God’s divine creation.

Comparison of Sapphire with Other Gemstones

Gemstone Color Symbolism
Sapphire Vibrant Blue Beauty, Magnificence, Celestial Grandeur
Jasper Crystal Clear Reflection of God’s Glory
Chalcedony Opaque Serenity, Calmness
Emerald Green Beauty, New Life
Sardonyx Milky White or Bluish Strength, Resilience
Sardius Fiery Red Passion, Intensity
Chrysolite Golden Yellow or Green Wealth, Prosperity, Vibrant Power

Exploring the meaning of each gem helps us understand the depth of their value. The sapphire, with its rich blue and symbol of the heavens, stands for the splendor in the New Jerusalem.

Chalcedony – Opaque and Serene

The third foundation stone of the heavenly city is chalcedony. It’s an opaque gemstone, often milky white or bluish. This gem adds a calm vibe to the New Jerusalem.

Chalcedony’s cloudiness brings a special peacefulness to the heavenly city. It lets you feel its tranquility. This stone works like a peaceful invitation, making the New Jerusalem feel serene.

Inside the heavenly city, chalcedony’s unique presence is clear. Its opaque look symbolizes the unknowns of divine creation. Like a veil, it hints at the deep mysteries of the New Jerusalem.

“Chalcedony, with its opaque beauty, invites us to embrace the serenity that lies within the heavenly city. It reminds us to find peace amidst the chaos of life and to seek solace in the divine presence.”

Chalcedony’s Symbolic Significance

Chalcedony is more than a pretty stone. It symbolizes the strong faith and peace in the New Jerusalem. It teaches that true tranquility is in the heavenly realm.

So, when you think of the heavenly city, remember chalcedony. It brings out the beauty and peace of the New Jerusalem.


Chalcedony is the city’s third foundation stone, bringing an opaque calm. Its white or bluish colors show peace like a hidden gem. The New Jerusalem is a place of serenity, just like chalcedony.

Emerald – Beauty and New Life

The emerald shines with a bold green that means beauty and new beginnings in the New Jerusalem. It’s the fourth foundation stone in the Book of Revelation. This radiant stone shows how life constantly renews and changes.

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The emerald’s green is not just pretty. It’s a sign that beautiful things are all around us. Seeing its vibrant color calms us and reminds us to enjoy nature’s beauty. In the heavenly city, the emerald makes everything truly stunning.

The stone also stands for starting fresh. Its deep green hints at growth and life. It reminds us that new chances are always coming, and we should be ready to grow and change.

The emerald does more than look pretty in the New Jerusalem. It tells us that beauty and new beginnings are part of divine creation. The stone wows us with its color and makes us think about beginning new chapters. When you visit the heavenly city, let the emerald show you the beauty and fresh starts that are possible.


Sardonyx – Reddish Streaks of Strength

The New Jerusalem’s fifth stone is sardonyx, known for its unique look. It has reddish streaks on a dark onyx background. This represents the stone’s strength and power. It stands for the strong base that supports creation.

Sardonyx combines deep black with bright red. The black, or onyx, shows stability. Red streaks show strength and endurance. This mix signifies the New Jerusalem’s unshakeable foundation.

The stone’s pattern reflects the strength of creation. The New Jerusalem’s power is like the sardonyx’s red streaks. Both show unmatched endurance against all odds.

In Revelation, sardonyx is seen as a symbol. It marks the New Jerusalem’s foundation with strength. It reminds us of the constant power that guides us through life’s challenges.

Sardonyx in History

Sardonyx has been valued for centuries for more than its beauty. It is also believed to carry spiritual qualities. It was seen as a stone bringing protection, courage, and strength.

Ancient Romans crafted it into beautiful pieces. They made cameos and intaglios of gods and heroes. These carvings showed off the stone’s beauty and spiritual significance.

Reddish streaks in sardonyx made stunning cameos. The red and black layers added beauty. Collectors cherished these carvings for their uniqueness.

Sardonyx Stone

The Symbolism of Sardonyx

“The reddish streaks of sardonyx represent the resilience and strength that lies at the core of divine creation.”

The red streaks in sardonyx symbolize deep strength. They represent the courage and will to face life’s tests. This color reminds us that power can grow in the darkest times.

Sardonyx speaks to the inner strength we all have. It tells us we can endure and rise above any challenge. The stone is a powerful symbol of our resilience.

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Sardonyx – Reddish Streaks of Strength
Composition Silicon Dioxide with Iron Oxide impurities
Color Black with reddish streaks
Symbolism Strength, resilience, power
Historical Significance Used in ancient Rome for cameos and intaglios

Sardius – Fiery Red

Sardius is the sixth foundation stone in the Book of Revelation. It stands for passion and intensity in the heavenly city. This gemstone, described as fiery red, brings excitement and vibrant energy.

In some texts, sardius is called “carnelian.” But its fiery red shade always speaks of intense love in divine creation. It reminds us of burning flames and shows strong emotions in the heavenly realm.

In the New Jerusalem, sardius shows deep love and commitment in the divine realm. It reminds us of the love that never fades, fueling divine creation and keeping the heavenly city alive.

Symbolism and Significance

Sardius is key in the Book of Revelation. Its red color shows strong emotions, pointing to the zeal in the heavenly city. It symbolizes passionate love coming from divinity, shaping the New Jerusalem.

It also shows a deep desire for righteousness and truth. Sardius stands for the will and strength to create a perfect, loving heavenly city.

Just as sardius glows with fiery intensity, the divine realm is ablaze with a fervent love and passion that surpasses all understanding.

The Fiery Red Beauty

Sardius’ red color, like embers, is captivating in the divine realm. Its shine symbolizes the deep love that holds the heavenly city.

Likened to a flickering flame, it talks of divine love’s eternal nature. It lights up the New Jerusalem, always reminding us of the passionate and energetic nature of heaven.

Fiery Red Sardius Stone

Embracing the Fiery Spirit

Sardius reminds us to embrace our passionate side. It calls for a life filled with intensity, just like the divine realm.

By following sardius’ example, we can direct our energy toward good causes. This can make our lives and world better. It’s about using our passion and energy for a fulfilling life of love and purpose.

Chrysolite – Golden and Green

Chrysolite is the seventh stone in the foundation of New Jerusalem according to the Book of Revelation. It combines golden yellow and green shades beautifully. This stone signifies wealth, prosperity, and the vibrant creation power of the divine.

Chrysolite’s colors, like gold and green, show abundance and new life. The golden yellow reflects the riches in the heavenly city. Its green is like lush plants, showing eternal growth and vitality in divine creation.

Examining the stones from Revelation, chrysolite symbolizes the prosperity in New Jerusalem. Its colors remind us of the blessings and creative power there. This stone is a symbol of what waits for us in that divine city.