Follow After These Things and These Things Will Follow You

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Welcome to another episode of scripturalthinking. in the following short 7.27 min video, I cover the topic of…

Follow After These Things.

Scene 1:

In the first scene you will see that as children of God, we are to follow Jesus and we are also told to follow these things:

  • Righteousness

Scene 2:

Be not slothful but be followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises.

  • Let’s imagine the things we are to follow are people.
  • All we have to do is follow these things.
  • Easy right?

Scene 3:

  • But as we know in the world things can get messy and complicated.
  • We can lose sight of the things we should follow as they get lost in the noise.
  • The opposite of what we are to follow appears.
  • Like hate, bad, fighting, war, arguing, pride, boasters, impatient, rude, inconsiderate, ungodly, wicked, self-righteous, unbelieving
  • The path gets a bit murky.
  • But then you have those calling good evil and evil good.
  • Totally switching around what the Bible says is good. And they do it with such passion and conviction. That even a child of God can lose sight of the real things we should follow.

Scene 4:

Remember all of those things are still there when you remove the noise.

Scene: 5

They haven’t gone anywhere

Scene 6:

  • Did you know that while you follow these things there are things that follow you as well?
  • You have 2 bodyguards that will ALWAYS follow you. Their names are Goodness and Mercy!

Scene 7:

  • But just like you can lose sight of the things you should follow you can also lose sight of your 2 bodyguards. Don’t be afraid because Goodness and Mercy will follow you your entire life.
  • Don’t allow those things or people who only show up once and a while to override mercy and goodness who are with your permanently.
  • You know the gate crashers like condemnation, judgment, or the silly things your own mind tells you like you’re not good enough, you’ve blown it, you’re a loser, how could God love me?
  • These things only show up for a little while. They are not your true friends. Goodness and Mercy are with you your entire life. They are real friends. Real friends like Mercy and Goodness stick with you thick and thin.

Scene: 8

  • So… kick all of those fly-by-nighters out. They are just trying to prevent Mercy and Goodness from reaching you. But Mercy and Goodness never went anywhere – they’ll never leave you for your entire life!
  • Allow them to tend to you as your mother did when you were a child.
  • Your mother would say – I told you not to ride that bike down that big hill with no brakes now look at you. While gently tending to your wounds and asking if you feel better.
  • Oh… how wonderful to always have Goodness and Mercy following you.

Scene 9:

But Goodness and Mercy aren’t the only ones following you.

These signs follow believers as well:

  • In Jesus’ name, they cast out devils
    They speak in tongues
    They take up serpents
    They can drink any deadly thing and it shall not hurt them
    They lay hands on the sick and the sick recover

But there are even more things that follow believers

Scene 10:

  • Blessings and even more blessings.
  • If you follow the Lord. Blessings are always following you overtaking you.
  • Deut 28 – has a long list of blessings. Including blessing the work of your hands, prospering you, making you the head and not the tail.

Scene 11:

So remember…

Follow after these things

  • Righteousness

Scene 12:


  • Goodness and Mercy will follow you for your entire life
  • 5 signs follow believers. 5 is the number of grace – no coincidence.
  • Blessings will follow you and overtake you.
  • IF, you follow the Lord and the things he wants you to follow.
  • You are not to follow – chase after – the blessings and the signs – they will chase after you when you simply follow the Lord.

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